Tetyana Bilous

Associate Professor

E-mail: belouz@yandex.ru


Russian (native speaker), Ukrainian (native speaker), English (fluent)

PH.D. THESIS The Role of Idealisation in Contemporary Formal Epistemology

COURSES TAUGHT: New Philosophy of Science, Methodology of Scientific Investigation, Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Philosophy

New Philosophy of Science


The course is part of Master's degree program, the Faculty of Philosophy, 2007-2012.

The course presents the major developments in philosophy of science begin with the mid 1970s. The program is grouped under the following headings: historical metamethodologies and new sociology of science, scientific realisms and new forms of empiricism, Philosophies of the Special Sciences, studies of experiment, the disunity of science, naturalistic approaches to the philosophy of science, computational philosophy of science.

The main books 'The Contemporary Philosophy of Science' with prof. I. Dobronravova, 'The Contemporary Western Philosophy of Science' with prof. I. Dobronravova (in Ukraine).


The Methodology of Scientific Investigation

The course runs through some of the main issues in the history of economic methodology such as the structure and justification of economic theory, Millian methodological tradition, advantages and shortcomings of normative methodology (F.Machlup and M. Friedman, K.Popper and I.Lakatos. The course considers the state of the art in the modern economic methodology: rhetoric of economics (D. McCloskey), realism and economic instrumentalism, models and their assumptions (D.Hausman, N. Cartwright, and U. Mäki) economics imperialism and problem of rationality (G.Simon, behavioral economics).

6 articles, the main one is

New directions in account of norms for theoretical and practical rationality (in Ukraine).


The Philosophy and Methodology of Science

The course is part of Master's degree program, the Faculty of Sociology, 2008-2011. The course was part of Master's degree program, the Faculty of Physics 2003-2008.

The course is the extensive survey of history of philosophy of science from logical positivism to today.

13 articles, the main one is B. van Fraassens Revision of the Logical Empiricist View of Scientific Theory (in Ukraine).



The course is part of Bachelor's degree program, the Faculty of Physics 2000-2011.

First year introduction to philosophy


RESEARCH INTERESTS include philosophy and methodology of science and history of science (especially physics and economics). In particular, methodological foundation of economics, the principles of rationality or of rational behaviour, the models of bounded rationality are my theoretical preferences now. My other major research topic is varieties of naturalism in philosophy.




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2 'The Contemporary Western Philosophy of Science' with prof. I. Dobronravova. - Kyiv, Parapan, 2008 (in Ukraine)


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